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The Menstrual Cycle and How It Affects the Female Athlete

It’s well-known that sex differences between men and woman exist. Differences that affect your physiology. But what’s not so well known is how these differences...

5 Reasons Why Competition is Good (and bad) for your Child

What does the word ‘competition’ bring to mind? Is all competition a good thing? How do you distinguish between helpful competition and that which...

Smiling Swimmers

A guide on getting back in to swimming lessons after the holidays With school starting back for Term 1, many children will also be jumping...

Lessons from A Silver Fern

Guest Contribution: Anna Harrison - New Zealand Netballer. Another big year of Northern Mystics and New Zealand Silver Fern Netball commitments has come to an...

A Workout for Serious Strength & Size

Are you training for strength and size, and keen to spark some gains in the gym? This full body workout targeting all the major muscle...


Lessons from A Silver Fern

Summer Workout Playlist