Environment is Everything


The smell of the first XV training room on game day is distinct. Peppermint infused heat rub, lynx scented deodorant and old mud all comes together into something quite unique. You can almost taste it.

Environments in which aspiring athletes get together are important. They create a sense of community and contribute to a person’s sense of purpose. Something that is highly motivating.

What’s more, they cultivate ambition. Which is very conducive to learning.

But great environments are not easy to create. It’s not about having the best facilities and the prettiest uniforms. It’s having the right people. And creating an experience that guides and supports an athlete to be the best they can be.

Great Environments are places of:

  • Inspiration and exploration
  • Healthy competitiveness
  • Self-reflection and mastery
  • Expert assistance but not instruction
  • Creativity without a fear of failure
  • Support and belonging

What are you doing to create a great sporting environment?

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