EP 13 PART 2 – Adrian Blincoe


ADS 014: Adrian Blincoe – Developing Talent, the Role of the Parent, and being an Olympian

In July 2008, Adrian Blincoe (@BlincoeA) ran New Zealand’s best ever time for the 5000 meters.

His record still stands today.

My name is Dr Craig Harrison, and this is the #AthleteDevelopmentShow.

This episode is part two of a two-part mini-series on running.

Last week, I spoke to Sam McEntee, an Australian lad recruited by Adrian to run for Villanova University in the US, on his way to becoming an Olympian.

Check out Sam’s story at: https://news.autmillennium.org.nz/athlete-development/podcast/

On today’s show, we hear Adrian’s story.

After finishing high school in New Zealand, Adrian spent 12 years in Philadelphia, where he was coached by three-time world champion Marcus O’Sullivan, and ran professionally for Team New Balance for 9 years.

Adrian ran for New Zealand at the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games and World Championships and, like I said, still holds the New Zealand record for the 5000 meters.

During his time in the US, Adrian was also the assistant middle distance and cross country coach at Villanova University, where it was his job to identify, recruit and develop young running talent.

After hanging the spikes up, Adrian returned home to work for High Performance Sport New Zealand as the Athlete Development Advisor, where he helps national sporting organisations identify and develop athletes so they have the best chance of succeeding at international level.

On the show today, I chat with Adrian about his upbringing in New Zealand, the ups and downs of his international running career, as well the finer details of developing New Zealand’s rising talent.

Please enjoy the show.