EP 17 – Dr Chris Hanna – Bone Growth, Overuse Injury and Managing Athlete Load


Youth sport is more physically demanding that ever before. It’s not uncommon for an athlete to spend 20 hours a week training and competing, or for a child a young as six to compete for a spot on a representative team.

Sadly, this increased involvement in sport is resulting in more injury.

My guest on the show today, Dr Chris Hanna, describes what happens to bone when a young athlete goes through accelerated physical growth, and the potential impacts it can have on a young athlete from an injury perspective.

Chris is a Sport and Exercise Physician at Axis Sports Medicine in Auckland and has been involved with many elite sporting groups including the Warriors Rugby League side, the NZ Woman’s Football team, and the NZ Olympic and Commonwealth Games.

Show Highlights

  • What happens to bone during physical growth
  • The most common injuries to bone and what’s going on physiologically
  • The warning signs to watch out for preventing bone injury
  • The importance of diagnosing bone injury and when to seek medical advice
  • What to think about when it comes to managing a youth athlete’s load

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