EP 24 – Adam Storey – Olympic Weightlifting, Super Rugby, and Being a Dad


Dr Adam Storey (@agstorey) is the Sports Science Manager and Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Blues Super Rugby Team.

ADAM STOREYAdam and I have a few years of history together and I’ve watched with interest as he’s gone from gym instructor to master strength coach, working with some of New Zealand’s best youth and elite athletes.

We cover a lot on the show today, including growing up in a sports mad nation, the Olympic Games, academic study, lessons from the weight room, rugby in New Zealand, and much more.

Adam got his start in Olympic Weightlifting and gained many years of experience coaching lifters ranging from 9-year-old novices to Olympic level performers. He later served as the lead strength and conditioning coach for Athletics New Zealand, where he was heavily involved in the Olympic Campaigns of Valarie Adams. Now, Adam leads the sports science programme at the Blues Super Rugby franchise as well as assisting in the gym to develop bigger, faster, stronger players.

In 2012, Adam earned his PhD in Exercise Physiology and now holds a fellowship position with Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand, a role which involves supervising research projects in the fields of strength & conditioning and exercise physiology for Masters and PhD students at AUT University.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as I did.

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