EP 28 – Hugo Inglis – The Ultimate Competitor


ADS 0028: Hugo Inglis – The Ultimate Competitor   

Playing sport on the world stage requires a huge work ethic, incredible skill, and a dogged determination to never give up in the heat of competition. My guest on the show today has these qualities in spades. His name is Hugo Inglis, he’s 25 years old, and with 186 international caps he’s one of the linchpins for the New Zealand Black Sticks Hockey team.

Today on the show, Hugo shares his love of sport for as long as he can remember and how it manifested growing up in the backyards of Dunedin in New Zealand. He then describes the significant relationships he holds with the people who have shaped his rise to the top of international Hockey, including family, coaches, teammates and peers.

I chat with Hugo about the challenges of being a high-performance athlete, his sporting goals, the mistakes he’s made along the way, and what he believes are the key attributes that have made he so successful. We end our discussion with Hugo giving some sound advice to youth coaches, parents and athletes with aspirations of being the best they can be.

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