EP 39 – Ty Hollett, Ph.D. – Skateboarding Culture and Developing Youth Athletes


“One thing I love about skate culture is the desire to constantly progress. There’s a cataloguing of tricks, and therefore a recognition of growth at the time. And it’s the videographer’s role is to document that progression.”

Today’s conversation is with Ty Hollett (@tyhollett). Ty believes that youth learn best when they pursue their own interests, and goes about studying and designing informal, media-rich learning settings. His most recent research examines the role of digital media in action sports, with a specific focus on skateboarding.

Ty holds a PhD in Language, Literacy, and Culture, a Master’s degree in English, and works as an Assistant Professor of Learning Sciences in the Department of Learning and Performance Systems at The Pennsylvania State University.

In this episode, Ty and I discuss growing up playing basketball in Chicago, ‘geeking out’ in learning spaces outside of traditional school environments, the mutually beneficial partnerships formed between teen skateboarders and videographers, and much more.

Highlights from the show include:

  • The Barcelona Olympics, Michael Jordan, and the Chicago Bulls
  • Significant people and events of Ty’s childhood
  • Teaching English in Japan
  • The relationship between technology and learning
  • The benefit of ‘learning labs’ for youth
  • Learning and youth action sports

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