EP 48 – Paul Tupou-Vea – Leadership and Wellbeing for Youth


“It’s about becoming a young person who’s aware of themselves and the world and starting to think about what they do with that.”

My guest on the show today is Paul Tupou-Vea (@paultupz). Paul is an expert in youth wellbeing and currently leads the personal and social curriculum at Dilworth School’s Rural Campus in South Auckland. Before his 7 years at Dilworth, Paul created, managed and facilitated the Males in Education Programme, an AUT University initiative for year 10 boys in Auckland schools.

This year, Paul founded Clifftop Wellbeing, a company that develops and delivers wellbeing, leadership and engagement programmes for schools and other organisations. He is also studying towards his Masters in Positive Psychology.

In this episode, we talk about:

  • Having courageous conversations in education
  • Sibling relationships and how they affect your view on life
  • The effect of outdoor education on young boys
  • The skills of navigating self
  • Being a dad
  • The need for wellbeing programmes for New Zealand’s youth
  • Growth mindset making change
  • How to use virtues increase performance
  • How parents can talk to their kids to improve their wellbeing
  • Play
  • Developing perseverance
  • Embracing challenge

You can find Paul via:

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