EP 50 – Nathan Parnham – Coaching Kids in the Gym


My guest on the show today is Nathan Parnham (@nathan_parnham). Nathan is the conditioning and rehabilitation coach and the head of athletic development at the Parramatta Eels Rugby League Club in the NRL. Prior to working with the Eels, Nathan spent 5 and a half years as the strength and conditioning manager at Newington College in Sydney, and before that, nearly 4 years at Westfields Sports High School in a similar role. With a particular interest in long-term athlete development, Nathan has a great understanding of what it takes to develop both aspiring young athletes and individuals of fine character.

On this episode, we chat about:

  • Nathan’s fascination for sneakers and his dog, Dare
  • Growing up in West Sydney, Australia
  • Significant influences in Nathan’s life
  • The different ways athletes learn
  • The grind of working in sport
  • Nathan’s passion for working with kids
  • His S&C philosophy and the difference between coaching youth and adult athletes
  • How Nathan deals with different stages of development
  • Working with parents
  • Motivation
  • Assessing athletes in the school gym environment
  • Nathan’s love of photography and why he thinks having interests outside the sports industry is so important
  • The introverted versus the extroverted coach
  • Why every kid should do a martial art
  • And much more…

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