EP 55 – Shane Pill – Accidental Academia and the Games Sense Approach


My guest on the show today is Dr Shane Pill. Shane is an Associate Professor in Education at Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia. Here, Shane researchers and lectures in curriculum studies, PE and sport pedagogy. Before academia, Shane spend 19 years teaching physical education in secondary schools.

Shane is author of four resource books on Game Sense teaching and coaching, including Play with Purpose: Game Sense to Sport Literacy, and Play with Purpose: For Fundamental Movement Skill Teaching. Shane can be found on his blog, Learning Through Sport – Play with Purpose, or on Twitter at @Pilly66.

Is this episode, Shane and I discuss the significant experiences that shaped his past and how they led to who he is today. We also chat about Shane’s beliefs on skill acquisition and how he thinks about upskilling teachers and coaches.

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