EP 62 – Richie Patterson – Where Strength Comes from


“The excitement I get as coach far exceeds what I get as an athlete. To help others push their boundaries and overcome obstacles is truly a privilege.”

Richie Patterson (@pattersonrichie) is one of New Zealand’s all time strongest men. He’s represented his country at 3 Olympic Games and 4 Commonwealth Games, including earning a silver medal at Delhi 2010 and gold at Glasgow 2014.

Richie has over 17 years’ experience as a competitive weightlifter. In this time he has broken over 50 New Zealand Olympic records and still holds 8 New Zealand senior records over 3 weight divisions.

Richie has a degree in coaching and currently works with over 30 athletes, including a number of aspiring youth lifters.

In this episode, we discuss Richie’s rural upbringing, his introduction to weightlifting, why coaching in so important to him and much more.

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