Reaching your potential requires clarity.

A clear vision of where you want to go and how you’re going to make it happen.

The individual performance plan (IPP) is a tool commonly used in sports, and the performance coaches operating within them, to help you get there.

However, it can also be the precise thing that stands in your way.

You see, our brain works in one of two ways. Either it perceives a new situation or event as rewarding and engages with it, OR as a threat, in which case our natural instinct is to eliminate it as fast as possible.

So, the questions is – which one is it?

A reward or a threat?

Is the IPP perceived by your athletes to be about control, accountability and compliance, ultimately leading to fear and friction?

Or it is perceived to be about learning and growth? A tool leveraged for its power to create a caring, meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship?