PODCAST: EP 11 – Dr Gregory Myer


My guest on the show this week is Grey Myer (@gregmyer11).

Greg is Director of Research at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Centre. He has published over 300 peer-reviewed articles, gained more than 10,00 citations, and is having a significant impact on the practice of training children and young athletes.

Greg is one of the most passionate professionals I’ve come across, and spends his time discovering better ways to reduce injury while keeping kids active and engaged. In this episode, we focus in on injury – in particular ACL injury – and why the young female athlete is at much greater risk of experiencing one, and the best ways to prevent them.

We also discuss:

  • The important life lessons sport can teach you growing up.
  • Why Greg believes physical education is critical in a young child’s life, and the dangers of losing it.
  • Why the answer to increasing rates of concussion in youth sports is NOT to stop playing (even though many think it is).
  • The challenge of injury prevention initiatives, and why just treating injury is so much easier.
  • The need for a paediatric exercise science specialist, including specific study at the tertiary level.