Ep 2 – Mike Stanley: Identifying Talent, School Academies, and the Power of the Olympics.


Today’s guest, Mike Stanley, has enjoyed a wide ranging career in sports, as an athlete, a coach, and an administrator.

Mike was a member of the world championship rowing 8 team in 1982 and 1983, and attended the Los Angeles Olympics in 84’. After retiring from the sport of rowing, he spent many years as a school teacher and a coach, which he still gives his precious time to today.

Mike’s currently the CEO of AUT Millennium – a multi-discipline organisation on the North Shore of Auckland, in New Zealand, based on community, education, research and high performance. He’s also the President of New Zealand Olympic Committee, as well as a board member of High Performance Sport New Zealand.

Formerly, Mike was the CEO of New Zealand Rowing, a selector for the New Zealand Olympic and Commonwealth Games teams and sat on the board of various other sporting organisations.

In this episode we cover all sorts of topics, including

  • Growing up in the 60’s with a big family and how if influenced Mike’s young sporting experiences.
  • We talk about what Mike learnt from losing a lot during his rowing career, and balancing failure with success
  • We discuss the power of the Olympics and the role they play in a young person’s life.
  • And I get Mike’s thoughts on school academies and identifying talent…. and what he believes in when it comes to developing his rowers as athletes, and as people

This is a fascinating conversation with a guy who has been living and breathing sport all his life.

Please enjoy.