Sacrifice vs. Choice


To sacrifice is to give something up for the sake of something else. However, the word comes with negative connotations.

“That pizza all my friends are eating looks delicious. But I’m going to sacrifice it for the chicken salad instead. I’ll have to miss out.”

On the other hand, to choose is the act of selection. It’s a chance to take the best part of something and experience the abundance of opportunities that comes with making a decision.

“All my friends are going to a party tonight that I know will be a late one – but I have training in the morning. I’m going to choose not to go and prioritise a good night’s sleep instead. I wonder what else I could do? – maybe a movie with my sister.”  

The best athletes know that it’s doing the little things well, added up, that makes the biggest difference.

So next time you’re faced with a difficult decision, will you see it as a sacrifice or a choice?