1. 8 Essential Ingredients to Getting Faster

Our top post of 2016. Speed is one of the most sought after attributes in sport today. Check out 8 handy tips to help you get faster.

sprinting timing gates

2. Lessons from a Silver Fern

This blog featured a guest entry from Anna Harrison, who has played for both the Silver Ferns and the Northern Mystics. She discusses how Netball is becoming a faster, more demanding game and ways to build a strong body.


3. Strength Training: Safe & Essential for Young Athletes

Dr Craig Harrison explains how strength training can often be misconceived as dangerous among youth. However, Craig reveals that strength training is actually ESSENTIAL for youth athletes.


4. 5 Things parents can do to help their kids get more out of sport

You can help your child become a better athlete by being coachable, respectful, a great team mate, mentally tough and giving it your best. Find out what we mean by reading the full blog.

Kids playing cricket in their backyard.

5. 3 Common Mistakes Youth Athletes Make

The key to pursuing excellence is to embrace a long-term learning process specific to your individual goals and needs. Unfortunately, the ease and safety of doing what everybody else is doing will guarantee you come up short of your potential.

Here are 3 mistakes that most young athletes make and how to avoid them.

MISH-shoot-6.8.13 (Large)

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6. How to successfully manage a young athlete’s emotions

A huge part of becoming an independent, self-confident athlete is learning to master your feelings. It’s our job as coaches, parents and mentors to support our child/athletes feelings so that they can tolerate the frustration of the situation and then work out an appropriate action.

Children playing soccer. They are having training with their coach on foggy, cold, winter morning. They are dedicated to become a new soccer stars. Everybody kneeling and coach giving them instructions. Sketching on notepad. Shot with Canon EOS 5Ds.

7. Girls are far more at risk of injury than boys. Here’s what you can do about it

Did you know girls are 6 times more likely to get injured than boys? The more our young female athletes participate in youth sport, the higher the risk of injury, especially when athletes lack the physical qualities to resist it. Exercises specifically targeted to prevent injury are essential for young female athletes.

AD-Girl-Stretching (Large)

8. 5 Reasons why a notebook is a young athlete’s best friend

Note-taking is an excellent skill to master and allows you to monitor your performance and improve faster in your sport. However, visit any youth sport environment and you’ll struggle to see a pen and paper in sight! Check out these 5 reasons as to why note taking is a youth athletes best friend.


9. Do you want to jump higher? Here’s how.

Jumping is a fundamental movement in sport. For example, a lay-up in basketball, a spike in volleyball and a header in football, all require the player to jump to perform the action. The higher you can jump helps perform the action to a higher standard. Check the article for a bunch of videos on how to jump higher.

10. 3 Essential Physical Skills for Surfing

Mobility, Sensorimotor Skill and Strength. Find out who to use these essential physical skills to improve your surfing.

Boys surfing

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