The end of my 2016 competition season ended with the National Weightlifting Championship which were held here at AUT Millennium. I love competing here, the home advantage is a major boost for me. This competition, I really just wanted to have fun. I wasn’t training as much as I was before I left for the Olympics, so I wasn’t expecting anything too big although I was hoping my body would be strong enough to attempt some more records. I had a great day! Body felt good and I was in a very happy mood-which believe it or not plays a big role in my lifting. I totalled 6kgs more than I did at the Olympics which just makes me realise even more that I need to ensure I don’t forget to enjoy myself and have fun, stressed lifting does not benefit anyone.

I am also very proud of my team mates! Northsport Olympic Weightlifting Club did really well, in total we got 2 gold, 3 Silver and a handful of personal bests and attempts at New Zealand Records. I really want to thank AUT Millennium for all their continued support and encouragement! As an employee, athlete and a role model to the younger generations, there is nowhere else I’d rather be, so I am very fortunate and grateful to have the relationships I do.

On another note, these championships were a little bit extra special for one reason. Adam Storey, who has been my coach since 2009, through thick and thin, lows and high, medals and no placings-has now retired from Olympic weightlifting coaching to pursue a dream role with the Auckland Blues. While I am very happy for him and this opportunity, it’s really hard to know that my next campaign will be under the guidance of a new coach. Sad, exciting and promising times ahead! All the best Adam, I’m sure I’m not the only one who will miss your awesome coaching and tough programming.

Now to find a coach and get back to work!