Bonjour à tous! (Hello everyone!)

While writing this blog, I’m sitting in a computer room in New Caledonia, typing a little slower than usual (you’ll understand why if you’ve ever switched to using a French keyboard!). I have just finished my second training of the day, and it’s HOT, HUMID and very WET. The weather has been quite unpredictable over the last few days, which has made my training more demanding and it’s been harder to stay hydrated.

The intense atmosphere of this week-long training camp has been amazingly motivational to say the least! I’m so grateful that Oceania Weightlifting Institute invited me to attend alongside all of the other Island’s top lifters.

Each day we have two trainings, and the routine is easy enough to follow after the first day or two. For example, my daily schedule in this slice of Pacific French paradise look a little like this:

7am: Wake up, followed by breakfast and coffee (of course).

9am: Head to our first training for a 9.30am start.

11am: Training finishes. Time for a snack and to watch the boys train.

12pm: Head back to our accommodation for lunch before a nap.

2pm: Head to our second training for a 2.30pm start.

4pm: Finish training. Watch the boys train.

6pm: Head back to the accommodation for dinner and bed.

At roughly 10 weeks out from the Commonwealth Games, everyone is working hard. We all want that success that comes with the hard work we’re putting in – we all want that medal.

Although some of us at this training camp will compete against one another at the Games, we still show each other support during our trainings – through cheering each other on when we attempt heavier weights, as well as encouragement to keep pushing harder (especially when all you want to do in this tropical heat is to cool down and go for a swim!).

But, as you know, it’s not all hard work and no play! On Sunday, we managed to go to Noumea and have a swim at the beach! Unfortunately, I didn’t have any ice cream though – I had a little too much of that over the Christmas period. I’m now in the process of coming down with my weight again…when will I learn?

All in all, this has been an amazing opportunity for me, and I want to thank AUT Millennium for allowing me the time off work to improve my weightlifting abilities. And, to the wonderful members – thank you for all of the support and encouragement you give me on a daily basis! It makes a big difference and helps me to stay motivated.

Now, I wish you a great February. Keep working towards you goals, and make sure to have fun while doing so!

Au Revoir tout le monde! (Goodbye everyone!)

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Tracey Lambrechs is a New Zealand Weightlifter and represents the North Sport Olympic Weightlifting Club, as well as being an AUT Millennium Scholarship athlete and Gym Instructor. Tracey holds numerous New Zealand Weightlifting records and won a bronze medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. In 2016 Tracey attended the Rio 2016 Olympics.