Athlete Blog: Tracey Lambrechs – World Masters Games and Upcoming Competitions


April has been an awesome month! I think that New Zealand has done a great job hosting the 2017 World Masters Games and in the future should put their hand up to host more international events. I have been lucky enough to have helped coach one of our athletes to a bronze medal in the weightlifting and have seen so many great athletes take to the weightlifting platform and do so well! 7 days of watching athletes from all over the world and of all ages is defiantly an inspiration, I bought my two nieces to watch and not only were they amazed but they loved it……hopefully it’s inspired them. These athletes defiantly proved that age is not a limit.

Back to me now….it’s been a month now since I dropped down into the lighter weight category, while I’m still in the beginning of my strength cycle building up for our North Island Champs and trials for the next two international events, I’m feeling strong and confident. This could be due to the fact that I’m now able to do less cardio and focus more on my lifting. While I am able to reduce the cardio training, I’m still having to eat very well and have become a little stricter in regards to treats, the training is not effective if I’m not fuelling the body correctly or over eating, which lets be honest most of us like to do. Easter was an especially hard time for me cause I love Hershey’s chocolate hot cross buns and marshmallow Easter eggs! They are my weakness and I think they might have just got on top of my good habits, just a little though.

I think it’s important that people realise if they have a moment of weakness its ok, you just need to work a little harder in the gym next session. But this does not mean you can have weak moments every day, just occasionally.

I’m looking forward to training and improving at my next competition which is on the 10th of June in Papatoetoe, I look to qualify for the World Champs which will be held later this year in Anaheim, USA. This is my main goal apart from qualifying for the Commonwealth Games next year in the Gold Coast.  Well that and fundraising enough money to attend all the competitions overseas….so keep an eye open for the fundraisers.

In the meantime train hard, eat well and keep the thoughts happy

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Tracey Lambrechs is a New Zealand Weightlifter and represents the North Sport Olympic Weightlifting Club, as well as being an AUT Millennium Scholarship athlete and Gym Instructor. Tracey holds numerous New Zealand Weightlifting records and won a bronze medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. In 2016 Tracey attended the Rio 2016 Olympics.