Cross training refers to the process of using different sports, or exercise mediums, in order to train for one specific task, position or sport.

Historically we used to think that the only way to get better at a certain pursuit was to train in a dedicated and unwavering manner.

However, recently it has been shown that this more commonly leads to overuse injuries, burnout and a less diverse athlete.

Here are some of the benefits of cross-training revealed:

Injury Prevention

By far the biggest benefit of cross-training is that you are doing less of a repetitive task or movement pattern and therefore, are less likely to get injured.

Injury management

Unfortunately injuries do happen, but there is usually always some form of cross training that can be done to maintain fitness.

A good sports physiotherapist will not just help treat your injury, they will also provide ideas of alternative exercise modalities to keep you fit and healthy.


Cross training helps the body to recover as it is moving in a different way than normal.  Cross-training is a great way to recover from an event or from a hard training session at your chosen sport.


Burnout is one of the most common reasons people stop participating in a gym programme, group class, social or competitive team sport.

Cross-training is often more enjoyable as there can be a different focus, often with a different group of people.

If you are looking for a change then consider some cross-training options.  These may include running, cycling, swimming, yoga, strength training, social sports, circuit sessions, speed sessions, agility and balance training! The list is endless so get creative and discover the benefits of cross-training today!

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