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NZ is the leading country in the world in Skin Cancer!

A typical kiwi lifestyle involves the outdoors, encompassing being out in the sun, beach and water. Given the nature of our Sun and UV strength, there is no surprises that we are all of high risk for Skin Cancer.

Until recently, as children growing up, applying sunscreen was rare or random. Now schools are enforcing ‘shade time’, hats, sunscreen which is great, and I encourage parents to re enforce this for their precious children. But for adults of today, the Baby Boomers and Millennials, the damage often has already been done.

Skin Cancer is almost 100% curable if detected early, so goal number one if for all NZ adults to get checked!

What are the 3 main types of skin cancer?

Melanoma is the one most people are aware of, is the most dangerous and deadly if not detected. There are also Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC) and Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), although not as deadly can cause considerable local invasion and damage, and need to be removed also.

What is involved in a Full Body Mole/Lesion Check?

Dr Sam Mayhew, provides this service here at HealthZone Medical – 09 4772090

30 minute appointment

Risk analysis – Personal and Family History, Personal Risk Factors such as skin type and sun exposure

Full Body Exam using Dermoscopy


It may involve photography of certain moles/lesions and follow up

Discussion and plan over concerning moles/lesions

It is a pain free check, and it is highly recommended to come with no make up so a adequate assessment of the skin on your face can be done.

You will be required to remove clothing to your underwear which is fine to leave on in order for a thorough assessment.

“It is my passion to be able to detect, treat and cure my patients of Skin Cancer, a easily preventable and curable condition if caught in time. A yearly check is must for Kiwi adults, and sometime more regularly is required for very high risk individuals.

Skin Cancer can also occur in children, adolescents, young adults, so if there is any concern, get checked”

About Dr Sam Mayhew


Professional and Advanced Certificate’s in Dermoscopy

Certificate in Skin Cancer Therapeutics (Now known as the Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine)

Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine

Member of the Skin Cancer Institute

Member of the International Dermoscopy Society


Finishing stages of the Diploma of Dermoscopy

Early stages of the Diploma in Skin Cancer Medicine

Part way through Cert HSc-Sports Medicine

Sports Team Doctor for the NZ Warriors Reserves, NZ Black Fins, NZ Tall Blacks 

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