Written by Jackson Chien, Personal Trainer

The Who and the Why

Whether you’re an athlete or just a regular gym goer that likes to train for fun, as you undergo strenuous training, your muscles receive exercise-induced muscle damage. To recover, your body needs adequate protein intakes to build and become stronger, which happens via a process known as protein synthesis.

However, protein shakes should not be used as meal replacements due to the fact they lack a variety of essential vitamins and minerals. Protein shakes supplement a meal by providing additional amino acids to a person’s diet.

Practical tips & recommendations:

  • For those looking to bulk, aim to consume about 1.8~2.3 g/Kg of body weight.
  • For cutting, aim to consume 2.3~2.8 g/Kg of body weight.
  • If you prefer to train first thing in the morning, instead of working out on an empty stomach, have a whey protein shake 30-60 minutes beforehand to ensure the body uses amino acids from the bloodstream rather than breaking down from your muscles.
  • If you have eaten a protein-rich meal prior to your workout, taking a protein shake immediately afterwards will not be necessary as you will mostly likely still have some amino acids in your bloodstream breaking down from the meal consumed before.

For more information on how to introduce and utilise protein in your training and diet, have a chat to the team at Gym reception.

AUT Millennium Gym is now selling a range of protein drinks. To find out more, have a chat to our Gym team or email [email protected]