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Health and Fitness



5 Reasons Why Competition is Good (and bad) for your Child

What does the word ‘competition’ bring to mind? Is all competition a good thing? How do you distinguish between helpful competition and that which...

50 Questions Every Youth Athlete Should Ask Themselves

Asking good questions is an excellent way to assess your performance and become more in tune with what to focus on to get better. At...

Lessons from A Silver Fern

Guest Contribution: Anna Harrison - New Zealand Netballer. Another big year of Northern Mystics and New Zealand Silver Fern Netball commitments has come to an...

Ep 79: Paudie Roche – The Arsenal Way

"We're looking at long-term athlete development, and that requires a lot of patience, coaching and structure to the programme where performance isn't the end...

The Benefits of Training Accessories for Swimming: PT 3 Kick Board

Have you ever watched a top swimmer walk into a swimming pool with a bright coloured mesh bag in hand and wondered why they...


Summer Workout Playlist

Have you got heel pain?