AUT Millennium announces scholarship athletes for 2017


AUT Millennium has announced its scholarship athletes from the organisations four foundation clubs at an awards evening on Monday evening.

The clubs, NorthSport Olympic Weightlifting, North Harbour Bays Athletics, North Shore Swimming and North Harbour Water Polo Club are foundation clubs of AUT Millennium since the foundation of the organisation in 2002.

Athletes are selected based on their achievements over the clubs’ 2016 seasons and include Olympians, Tracey Lambrechs and Eliza McCartney.

AUT Millennium Scholarship Athletes receive access to travel grants for overseas competitions, as well as a health and fitness membership to aid with their training.

The night also recognised retiring athletes Glen Snyders (swimming) and Lucy Oliver (athletics) for their significant contributions to their sports.

A special presentation was also made to NorthSport Olympic Weightlifting Club coach, Adam Storey, who is departing his role as head coach to become the Blues Rugby as Sports Science Manager and Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach.

Notable 2016 Achievements

pv-oct5-62Bays Athletics

World Indoor Champs, USA, February 2016

Eliza McCartney – Pole vault (5th)

World Junior Champs (U20), Poland, July 2016

Hamish Gill – 200m, 4 x 100m relay

Zoe Hobbs – 100m, 4 x 100m relay (NZ Record 100m)

Symone Tafuna’i – 4 x 100m relay

2016 Rio Olympic Games, August 2016

Lucy Oliver – 5km

Eliza McCartney – Pole vault bronze medallist

Jeremy McColl – Coach: Eliza McCartney

pv-oct5-63North Shore Swimming

2016 Rio Olympic & Paralympic Games, August & September 2016

Helena Gasson – 100m & 200m butterfly

Glenn Snyders –  100m & 200m breaststroke

Rebecca Dubber – 100m backstroke S7

Cameron Leslie – 150m individual medley SM4 & world record

Thomas Ansorg – Coach at 2016 Rio Olympic Games

pv-oct5-64North Sport Olympic Weightlifting

2016 Rio Olympic Games, August 2016

Tracey Lambrechs – +75kg Women Division

Adam Storey – Coach at 2016 Rio Olympic Games

North Harbour Water Polo

New Zealand representatives: Olympic Qualifying Water Polo Tournament June 2016 – Netherlands – 12th in world

Ema Carevic

Caitlin Lopes da Silva

Liana Dance

 2016 NZ Senior Men’s National Title

Coaching Success

Matt Payne: 2016 Winning Women’s Head Coach: U20, U18, U16 &U14

Davor Carevic: 2016 NZ Youth Boy’s Coach

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Bays Athletics

Matthew Wyatt

Katie Wright

Esther Keown

Lydia O’Donnell

Alex Parkinson

Stephanie Wrathall

Veronica Torr

Zoe Hobbs

Nicole Bradley

Daniel Dyet

Portia Bing

Nick Southgate

Eliza McCartney

Hamish Gill

Matthew Bloxham

Symone Tafuna’i

Mellata Tatola

Anthony Nobilo

Connor Bell

Olivia McTaggart

Lucy  Oliver

Elena Brown

Paul  Hamblyn

Chris  Pilone

Didier  Poppe

Jeremy McColl

Russ Hoggard

North Shore Swimming

Helena  Gasson

Glenn    Snyders

Rebecca Dubber

Cameron Leslie

Bryall McPherson

Thomas Ansorg

Kelsi Boocock

Yeonsu Lee

Koene Smit

Jack Kelleher

Callum Prime

Jason Churches

Cameron  Stanley

Toni Bayliffe

Jackson Cropp

Jacob Garrod

Corneille  Coetzee

Wilrich Coetzee

Monique King

Jacey Cropp

Carina Doyle

Shaun  Burnett

Laura Quilter

North Harbour Water Polo

Liana Dance

Ema Carevic

Caitlin Lopes da Silva

Dylan Smith

Anton Sunde

Jonny  Clarke

Alexander Mackenzie

James Mclean

Ricky  Thomson

Davor Carevic

Matthew  Payne

Robbie Tindall

Richard  Claridge

Dave Couper

North Sport Olympic Weightlifting

Tracey Lambrechs

Chantal Lambrechs

Nicole Kumerich

Charlotte Moss

Vester Villalon

Adam Storey