Why you should keep swimming over winter


As summer fades away and winter sports begin to take over, swimming lessons sometimes slip down the priority list. But here at the AUT Millennium Swim School, we’re all about year-round swimming. Here’s why keeping swimming lessons going during winter is a great idea: 

Practice Makes Perfect: Swimming is all about practice and consistency. Without regular repetition, there’s a risk of old habits resurfacing and limiting progress. Swimming all year round keeps skills sharp and prevents any backsliding. 

Confidence Building: Confidence in the water comes from regular practice. Taking a break over winter can shak e that confidence. By sticking with regular swim lessons, kids keep building their confidence and developing their skills. 

Winter Prep for Summer Fun: It’s all about going into summer with the skills required to stay safe in the water. Winter is the perfect opportunity to work on these skills so they’re ready to dive into summer with confidence. 

Physical and Mental Well-being: Winter weather can make it tough to stay active, but swimming is a great way to beat the winter blues. With our pools sitting between 27 – 33 degrees, you can continue to swim all year round. It is a great way to keep fit, happy, and feeling good all year. 

Relationship Building: Swimming lessons aren’t just about swimming—they’re also about making friends. Being part of a group of kids with the same interests can lead to lasting friendships as well as strengthen their social skills. 

By keeping your children enrolled in swimming lessons throughout the winter, you’re not just ensuring their ongoing skill development but also helping them continue to build their confidence, improve their well-being, and encourage social growth in and out of the water. 

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Jacob is the Assistant Swim School Manager and Private Swim Coach at AUT Millennium. Jacob has been with AUT Millennium since 2015 where he became a qualified learn-to-swim instructor. He now assists in managing the Swim School as well as working with learn-to-swim students, both adults and children. As well as competitive swimmers and open-water swimmers who are trying to refine their technique in 1-on-1 sessions. His background in swimming involves representing both his club at National events, as well as New Zealand at International events.