Here are a few ideas to help you exercise at home while the National Aquatic Centre is closed. These exercises are perfect for anybody who swims at the pool, no matter your level. You can do as many of these as you’d like and can be varied for everyone – and they’ll definitely help you once you’re back in the water!

Dynamic stretching
We don’t want you to be stiff when we come back to the pool. Dynamic stretching prior to exercising will also improve performance. Do arm circles in all directions, and the same with leg swings – sideways and forwards and backwards.

Squat jumps
Perfect for strengthening the legs whilst also practicing the push off from the tumble turn to help you get the most out of your turns! These are also great for working on your explosiveness. Add in a deep squat for added mobility.

Flutter kicks
Flutter kicks help work on your core while also practicing the motion for kicking. Lay on your back, raise your legs and begin to kick like you’re swimming backstroke – you can lift your head to make it harder. Flutter kicks can be done on your front and your back, in streamline, or with your arms by your side.

Push ups
A great one for working on your upper body strength. You can do push ups on your knees if it’s too difficult in the plank position. You can also throw diamond push ups into the mix, where you bring your hands together to form a diamond shape.

Work the whole body! You can make it harder/easier to suit your level by either adding in a push up, or taking it away.

Planking is another great core exercise, perfect for a swimmer as there can never be too much emphasis placed on having a good core! You can elevate this exercise by adding in a rotation to each side at the hips.

Pull ups
If you have access to a pull up bar, this is one of the best exercises to help your swimming. You can modify the grips to target slightly different areas; narrow, wide or neutral.

Good luck! Tag @autmillennium on social media to share your workout videos with us!

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Jacob is the Assistant Swim School Manager and Private Swim Coach at AUT Millennium. Jacob has been with AUT Millennium since 2015 where he became a qualified learn-to-swim instructor. He now assists in managing the Swim School as well as working with learn-to-swim students, both adults and children. As well as competitive swimmers and open-water swimmers who are trying to refine their technique in 1-on-1 sessions. His background in swimming involves representing both his club at National events, as well as New Zealand at International events.