Swim School Spotlight: Morgan’s Story


Lisa, Tamara and Morgan.

“I love being able to help kids progress. Kids (that I’ve taught) used to be petrified of the water and now you can’t get them out of it.”  – Morgan.   

Morgan Angove is a familiar face around the AUT Millennium pools. She’s been one of our swimming teachers for over three years now, and she adores her job. “I love being able to help kids progress,” she says with a smile.  

At AUT Millennium, Morgan is a key employee who plays a vital role in our swim school. She teaches infants, young children and teenagers, supervises other swim teachers, and manages tasks at the reception desk.     

She is so adored by her students that many ask whether she teaches the next level when they progress up a level, so that they can continue being taught by her! We are, however, fortunate to have a great team of swimming instructors at every level. 

Children in New Zealand are constantly exposed to water – whether at school, camps, family outings or playdates – in various aquatic settings like lakes, pools or the ocean. And Water Safety NZ recently brought attention to the alarming number of 90 preventable drownings in 2023, significantly surpassing the 10-year average. 

However, one of the most effective approaches to water safety is to proactively prevent any negative incidents by ensuring that your child feels comfortable and is confident in the water. 

Morgan is very proud to be a swimming instructor, she has always loved teaching, knowing from a very young age that she wanted to be a teacher.     

Her advice to parents in the swimming community is “Take your time and have fun… The more enjoyment (the children) have, the better they will progress”.   

Making swimming enjoyable will encourage them to love water and watersports and help to eliminate any fears they may have.   

Fun fact: Lisa Deacon, the Swim School and Customer Care Manager at AUT Millennium, and an integral part of the organisation for over two decades (also seen in the above photo) has known Morgan for many years.  

Morgan and Lisa met when Morgan was four years old – when Lisa was her swimming teacher! Last year, Lisa taught Morgan’s now four-year-old daughter, Tamara, how to swim. And to complete this heartwarming story, Morgan has taught Lisa’s grandchildren how to swim. This sweet connection exemplifies the deep bonds fostered at AUT Millennium Swim School. 

We feel very fortunate to have Morgan on our team. She is committed to teaching children to swim and enjoys every aspect of her job.  

Next time you see her poolside, be sure to say hi.