Tag is a game for all ages – it never gets old. And when you add simple rules to stress a particular component of fitness, like balance, it gets even better.

In last week’s article, I explained why balance is a fundamental skill for youth athletes. Now, here’s a short video showing an example session (including a game of tag) with a group of high school rowing athletes we work with aimed at improving balance.

But before you click play, consider these 3 key points.

    1. Balance is the ability to stay upright or in control of body movement. There are two types of balance; static balance (i.e., maintaining equilibrium when stationary), and dynamic balance (i.e., maintaining equilibrium when moving). You need to train both.
    2. When it comes to dynamic balance, the faster you go the easier it is to maintain your balance. So, when training balance, progress from fast to slow.
    3. Games that require a balance component, particularly when they involve competition, are a great way to challenge balance and drive development.

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