Explosive athletes win games.

Imagine the rugby player who tears through the gap to score a try in the last minute, or the footballer who soars above his opposition to head a ball into the top corner.

It’s why physical attributes like speed and power are highly sought after in sport.

Your ability to absorb force when your foot hits the ground and then generate force to push off again, is critical to improving your explosiveness.

So here are three exercises you can do to make you run faster and jump higher in your games.

Do them twice a week after a good warm (i.e., once your muscles are nice and warm), stopping when good form is no longer being achieved.

  1. The Power Skip

What to think about: Land with a flat foot contact (not on the ball of your foot), then roll forward to push off from your toes.

Try being as quiet as possible when you land as it will help maximise the force you can generate.

Keep your eyes on the horizon and reach for the clouds with the top of your head.

  1. The Power Gallop

What to think about: This one’s a bit tricky, so start slow and find the rhythm before going for height.

Land with a flat foot slightly in front of your body, then roll forward to the toe-off position.

Keep your eyes looking forward, stand tall, and ‘pop’ your hip up with each stride.

  1. The Power Hop

What to think about it: It’s not a race! Technique first, then power.

Aim for even ground contacts by listening for the sound each foot makes (avoid making a ‘slapping’ sound and the quieter the better).

Like the previous two exercise, keep your eyes up and extend tall throughout the movement.

I’d love you hear how you go in the comments below?

Or better yet, send me a video of you giving them a go, and I’ll reply with some feedback.

Be the best you can be,

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