Welcome to Kinetics Physiotherapy


Written by David Cooper, Principal Physiotherapist at Kinetics

Kinetics Physiotherapy is excited to begin our journey at AUT Millennium and be a part of this wonderful facility. Though our presence will be new, we do have a bit of a backstory and there will be a few familiar faces around the building, so we wanted to share this journey with you all! From myself and the team, we are all looking forward to working alongside you and helping get you back to doing what you love.

I began working as a physiotherapist at AUT Millennium on 1 July, 2013. All those years ago it was like a dream come true.  As a competitive runner, being able to turn up to this amazing facility every day for work was awe-inspiring, and I came to know many of you over the following four years plus.  Then came a phone call with a jaw-dropping proposition. It was Rob Knight, well-respected physio and owner of Kinetics on the Hibiscus Coast, who wanted me to take over the clinic and in his words, “continue the legacy of Kinetics.” Over the following few months, we went through the formal process and I officially left AUT Millennium to become the new owner of Kinetics in August 2017.

Over the next four years, my primary job was at Kinetics on the Hibiscus Coast with the exception of one day each week where I would make the journey down to AUT Millennium to continue working alongside Dr Warren Leigh at Orthosports. Prior to my leaving, we had started working together in a post-surgical setting, tackling various research questions and looking to improve outcomes following surgery. All this time I continued to be drawn to AUT Millennium for the amazing facility that it is.

So moving forward…what are we all about and what can you expect to see of Kinetics at AUT Millennium?

Kinetics is a physiotherapy clinic with three key vertical strengths that provide direction for all that we do. Our three core disciplines are:

  1. Physiotherapy: Acute injuries, accidents, sporting injuries and more. We believe that managing these conditions starts with an accurate diagnosis. Following an assessment, our staff develop a treatment plan that will help you get back to doing what you love. Many of our staff are postgraduate qualified and bring a range of expertise and skill with different treatments, including dry needling, shockwave therapy, exercise and gym-based strength training and more.
  1. Surgical Rehabilitation: We understand that surgery may be required following certain injuries. Our staff are well versed in rehab before and after surgery. We work closely with a wide range of orthopaedic specialists, including those already based at AUT Millennium! Kinetics is also a part of a unique pilot study with ACC that is focused on rehabilitation following knee, shoulder or lower back surgery.
  1. Youth and Kids: We have a particular interest in youth injury management and prevention. A number of our staff have completed further postgraduate study in this field and are well aware of the challenges that our young clientele face. We firmly believe in collaboration and seek to actively involve parents, coaches and any other support network needed.

The physio team will be made up a few new and a few familiar faces!

  • David Cooper: I will be returning in a clinical capacity at AUT Millennium in addition to continuing a clinical role on the Hibiscus Coast. I will also continue my role in a post-surgical clinic alongside Dr Warren Leigh at OrthoSports.  I am excited to forge strong relationships with the various arms and organizations here at AUT Millennium.
  • Natalie Parlane will be a familiar face to you all after having worked at AUT Millennium over the last four years. Natalie will be the senior physio at Kinetics AUT Millennium and in addition to a clinical role, will be a key support person for the other physio team members.  Natalie will continue her role as a consultant to Athletics NZ, and her clinical work often finds herself in the gym helping clients through rehab.
  • Chris McIntosh comes to Kinetics after four years working in a clinic on the North Shore. Chris is himself an elite athlete and is currently a rostered player for the Auckland Huskies NZ NBL Basketball team! Chris brings expertise with sporting injuries and enjoys integrating gym based rehabilitation into his client management.
  • Sophie Rhodes will also be a familiar face, though this is her first time working as a physio here in AUT Millennium. Previously she has worked as a Personal Trainer and even a part time receptionist while studying. Sophie is keen to take advantage of what is on offer in this facility to help her clients get back to doing what they love.
  • A further two physios will be joining the staff in the near future so watch this space!

The entire client experience is important to us and it is only through the support of our administration team that we can truly deliver on this. Our admin team is made up of Practice Manager Kelly Clark who has a role that spans both clinic locations. Kelly is supported by two receptionists; Shelley Dromgool and Collette Marshall.  Admin support is instrumental to helping us physios focus on what we do best – treating you! They are able to source referrals, information from doctors, specialists and radiologists and assist with all of your enquiries and bookings.

In a twist of fate, Kinetics will enter into this exciting new era on 1 July 2021 – exactly 8 years to the day after I walked through the main doors at AUT Millennium.  We are excited to continue our legacy with you!

If you are wanting to making an appointment with one of our great team then get in touch on the details below!

Phone: 09 869 6049
Email: [email protected]