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Wrinkles becoming more obvious? Sun spots causing cosmetic concern? Have a scar that you would like to be less visible? Acne or Acne Scars causing issues? Frown lines, crows feet? Dry, dehydrated, leathery skin?

Dr Sam Mayhew, along with his training in Skin Cancer Medicine and Dermoscopy, also has a special interest in Skin Aesthetics/Cosmetic Medicine. He has recently completed a Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine (based in Australia), as well as IPL and Laser Training (including Tattoo Removal, at NZ Laser Training) and is looking to bring this new knowledge and skill to his patients and local community.

“The benefits of Cosmetic/Aesthetic Medicine, is not only that of appearance, but has significant health and well-being flow-on effects. My passion, before considering botox and
fillers, is that of improving their at home/daily skin care optimally, and combining this with
Chemical Peels and Micro-needling, which can have huge improvements before requiring
the more expensive and invasive options. In a consult, I will talk about your ‘Daily Skin Care Regime’, how to optimise this, and then as required move on to Chemical peels, Dermapen (Micro-needling) treatments, and, only if necessary, discuss more invasive procedures/options such as Botox, Fillers, IPL and Laser and I can refer you to the appropriate person for this.”

Dr Sam Mayhew

Now Stocking Dermaceutic – Skin Care Range with Dr Sam Mayhew – HealthZone Medical On completion of his Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine, he has found a skin care range he believes in, is cost effective, and of medical quality in line with current research. This brand is Dermaceutic. Sam now stocks a large proportion of their products, available for your purchase. It is recommended you spend a 15min consult to discuss your skin care needs to work out what is the best regime for you. Sam can also discuss Micro-needling, Chemical peels, Dermapen treatments, as well as the products and your daily routine during your time with him.

However, if you wish to purchase without consultation that is fine also, just let our staff know what you would like to purchase at reception. We will also have product pamphlets available at the front desk. For more information on specific products and the range go to

dermatology picCosmetic Consumables Price List


SunCeutic (SPF 50 & Moisturizer) $80
HyalCeutic. $110
Advanced Cleanser $70
Foamer 15 $85
C25 Cream $110
Light Ceutic $90


Advanced Cleanser, SunCeutic, Dermaroller, C25, Retinol 1.0, HyalCeutic RRP $574.50 SALE PRICE $450

Activ Retinol 1.0 $139.50
Panthenol Ceutic $60
K Ceutic (Post Treatment and SPF 50) $90
Mask 15 $120
K Ceutic, Light Ceutic
RRP $180 SALE PRICE $150


Vitamin Rich Repair $119.50
Antioxidant Cocktail $119.50
HylaActive $119.50
Brite Lite $119.50
Cover Recover $99.95


Advanced Cleanser, Mask 15, Hyal Ceutic, Sun
RRP $380 SALE PRICE $320


Stratamed $34.95
Strataderm $28.95
Emla $25
Dr Roller (0.25mm & 0.5mm) $65

For an Aesthetic Medicine appointment – Cost will still only be based at a standard GP rate
To make a booking, phone 09 477 2090

Dr Sam Mayhew
DipDermoscopy (inclusive of Professional and
Advanced Certificates of Dermoscopy)
Cert Aesthetic Medicine
Advanced Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine
Core Essentials IPL and Laser – NZ Laser
Tattoo Removal – NZ Laser Training
FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine