Practical steps to improving workplace happiness and productivity.

A team of executives brainstorming ideas for their latest project

Have you bagged yourself a swell 9-5 which covers the bills and a visit to a quaint new coffee spot, but leaves you emotionally drained?

Do you slip in to a Sunday arvo depression after realising that another work week is creeping closer?

Does the word ‘work’ slide you in to a stormy mental abyss?

Well I’m here to help! The following 5 tips are designed to help the happy seep in to your work week.

Here’s to Monyay through Friyay.

5 practical tips to improve workplace happiness and productivity

1) Disallow notifications

Your beloved IPhone or hot new Samsung (punny) does not require undivided attention.

Sever that technological umbilical cord and funnel your energy in to one machine at a time.(Or two.. if you’re a fancy multi-screen user)
Do it now… switch off Instagram pop ups, stop drop down notifications and flick that bad boy on silent…

2) Preheat the oven (Prepare your work space).

I once tried to bake a lasagne in a cold oven after forgetting to preheat it… I didn’t prepare for success by ignoring the most important element, environment.
The result? A lasagne with crispy pasta sheets and disappointed guests.
The same process can be applied to work space. Every morning I arrive in the office, the first thing I do is say good morning to my team.

Next, I fill a large glass with water, scull it, then re fill it and sit down. After that I physically determine a list of priorities by writing them down and pinning them beside my computer.

This process serves a multitude of purposes.

  1. I connect with others in my environment
  2. I wake up physically and mentally
  3. I become less stressed by organizing my agenda and am better able to focus and avoid distractions

Without preheating the oven, its pretty easy to free-fall in to frustration and fragment focus.

3) Unite

Use your vocal chords and verbally communicate with work mates. Give the ‘send’ button a break!
Talking instead of emailing is both efficient and healthy for fostering a positive, open vibe in the workplace.
If you can’t quite break your relationship with email, try sending a meme. Meme’s are hilarious. Depending on your co-workers serious side, pick a meme that will extract laughter and preferably not get you fired.
And avoid sexual ones. Always.

4) Break on breaks

This is important!
Break on breaks, don’t distract.
Fend of Facebook and silence snap chat. Stare out a window or take a walk, whatever you choose, avoid further distraction by becoming present.
Being bored as not as terrifying as it initially feels after 60 seconds without a smartphone. Stop filling up your mental diet with portions of fragmented treats.

5) Smile

I’ve mentioned this in earlier posts, but a simple smile can inject a little sunshine in another persons day.