HealthZone Medical: A Boney Problem!


Bones provisimon-mayhewde a number of roles in your body.  They provide structure.  They protect some organs, and they anchor muscles and tendons.  Keeping your bones healthy is therefore important.

What can you do to optimise your bone health?

  1. Keep active. Physically INACTIVE people are more at risk of getting osteoporosis. Weight bearing type exercise is probably best!
  2. Have a diet rich in calcium. Calcium supplements are only rarely indicated.
  3. Stop smoking. Tobacco use is associated with bone weakness.
  4. Drink no more than two standard units of alcohol a day.
  5. Avoid or minimise the use of steroid containing medications.  Long term use of such drugs can cause damage to bones.
  6. Sensible sunlight exposure to get an adequate vitamin D intake. 15-30 minutes a day of sunlight, wearing a shirt and shorts, is probably enough!
  7. Avoid getting excessively skinny – a body mass index under 18.
  8. Bone ill-health is a more of a problem for women than men.
  9. Choose the right family! If osteoporosis runs in your family be extra vigilant in looking after your bones.

Your peak bone mass is at about 30 years old – yes it’s downhill from there!  Maximise your health before 30.  If you are concerned about your bone health, and in particular osteoporosis, talk to your doctor about getting a bone density scan.

Dr Simon Mayhew

Primary Care and Sports Medicine Doctor

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  1. 6.Sensible sunlight exposure to get an adequate vitamin D intake:

    If you want to get adequate vitamin D while also protecting your skin with suncream, there’s a suncream available in Life and Unichem pharmacies called Solar D, designed to help you achieve this 🙂