EP7 – Meikayla Moore – Goal setting, Injuries, and Playing Football for NZ


Today I have the pleasure of welcoming my very first athlete to the Show.

At only 20 years of age, Meikayla Moore (@MeikaylaMoore) is one of the most recent players to break into the NZ woman’s football team.

Known to everyone in the footballing community as “Mouse”, Meikayla represented her country at both U-17 and U-20 level before debuting for the senior side as a substitute in 2013. She was part of the NZ squad at 2015 FIFA woman’s world cup in Canada, and the 2016 Olympics Games in Brazil.

On the Show today we discuss:

  • Why she first started playing football and what motivates her to keep working hard every day.
  • The tools Meikayla uses for achieving success, including how she uses goals and feedback to improve her confidence on the field.
  • What she thinks are the key skills of a great coach, particularly when it comes to bringing a team of individuals together to perform at their best.
  • Tearing a muscle in her quad and what it takes to rehab an injury properly.
  • How Mouse deals with a bad performance and learns from it.

You’re about to hear the story of a determined young lady who’s made it all the way to the top. I really enjoyed talking with Mouse and I think you’re gonna love the listen.

Please enjoy.

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