There are certain times when you’re in the middle of an exercise or class and your brain decides; quite frankly I’ve had enough! It’s too hard and you need a rest.

Believe me you’re not alone. I’m pretty sure no one is immune from these thoughts. So how do you keep going when your body says no?

After years of training and putting myself through some hideous training sessions I learnt some tricks to get myself through which I think will be helpful for you.

My personal favourite was to think how disappointed I’d be if I stopped, which was great motivation to keeping going!

If it’s a matter of completing a session, sometimes you need to be kind on yourself and accept doing an exercise at a lower intensity is ok to get through.

How to trick your brain that you are stronger than giving in…

1. Avoid thinking about the total number you have to do.

Just focus on the next repetition. One step at a time friends. Count down, 1 more, 1 more, then before you know it you’re done.

2. Use your breath to get you through.

Quite often when we’re struggling we forgot to breathe correctly and therefore we make things worse for ourselves physiologically.

Breathe deep into your stomach rather than in your shoulders. Use your breath as a powerful force to keep charging.

Boxing (Large)
3. Tell yourself, “you are strong and you’ve got this”.

Positive self-talk can be so helpful and get you out of hard situations.

4. Stand tall.

Good posture has been shown to have positive effects on testosterone production and self esteem.

When you’re struggling don’t let your body language help those negative thoughts. Rise above, with your head high and shoulders back

5. Persevere

The better you get at motivating yourself, the easier it is. Attitude is trainable but it takes time to have a breakthrough. Believe me, you are stronger than you think you are. You’ve got this.

After years of putting my body on the line I still use these strategies in my training and also in life. Just the other day I was wanted to stop half way through my running session.

I totally reached my sticking point and had enough. However, I was determined to push through because I knew I would be really mad at myself if I didn’t. I simply counted the metres down and came out the other side tired but pretty happy with myself.

Sport is a great metaphor for life – so you can take your fierce attitude you are crafting in the gym into your business and family lives.

When the going gets tough and your mind says no, pull out your trick bag and believe that you can finish every rep.