Swim School blog: Max’s advice

Max Managh with Swim School Manager Rachael.

Our Swim School loves seeing children come to swimming and increase their confidence and competency in the water. We have a special sense of pride in children (and their parents!) who join us as a baby or toddler and progress through to our senior levels, and eventually graduate as a strong swimmer. Max Managh has recently graduated from our senior levels, and is now continuing his swimming journey with North Shore Swimming.

Max took the time to write us a fun blog before he graduated, and we wanted to share it with you!

Hi my name is Max and I have just turned 11.

I have been swimming at AUT Millennium since before I could walk or even talk. For my very first lessons, I remember my swimming teachers making Dad come into the pool and sing, he likes to not remember this because he is a terrible singer.

Since then, I have attended swimming lessons every school term and holidays so I am now in Development 2 (finally). Although Mum is now threatening me with fitness squad to burn off those couch potato COVID kilos.

I think AUT Millennium is the best place to learn to swim on the Shore, it is nice and close for all North Shore kids and has coffee for the mums.

Oh, and the teachers are great and not too mean when you have a lapse of concentration and end up in the wrong lane – they can usually find you!!

Max’s magic tips to be awesome in the pool…
Make sure you attend the Holiday Intensives and have a cool pair of Speedos, (matching goggles not required), a desire to learn and grow those shoulders, own those lanes and perhaps in time you will become a true swimming superstar and represent NZ!

Thanks Max – all the best at North Shore! We’re glad we will still be seeing you here at AUT Millennium.

If your child would like to write a blog about their experience at Swim School, please email us at [email protected]