EP 14 – Stacy Sims – Physiology of the Female Athlete, Menstruation, and Developing Confidence in Youth


ADS 0014: Stacy Sims, PhD – Physiology of the Female Athlete, Menstruation, and Developing Confidence in Youth

In an age when no topic appears taboo, menstruation remains unspeakable in the world of sport and exercise. But that’s exactly what my quest today argues needs to change.

Her name is Dr Stacy Sims, and she’s an Environmental Exercise Physiologist and Nutrition Scientist guru. Stacy recently released a book titled ROAR, a great read that sheds some much needed light on the sex differences between male and female athletes.

Stacy’s worked at Universities from Otago to Stanford, and is now a Senior Research Fellow at the University of Waikato. She’s the Cofounder and CEO of Osmo Nutrition and has consulted for the likes of USA Cycling, ClifBar, BSX Athletics, Nuun and the professional cycling team RadioShack.

Today on the show, Stacey and I discuss the what happens to a young girl’s physiology when she hits puberty, the menstrual cycle, and how sex hormones affect her training.

Whether you’re the parent of a daughter, coaching girls, or have anything to do with youth female athletes, you don’t want to miss this one.

Show Highlights:

  • Life growing up in San Francisco and the Netherlands and why having a domineering big sister led to Stacy’s love of sport.
  • How an incessant need to find answers to her own training questions led to Stacy’s career in sports science.
  • The nutrition and hydration needs of a female athlete, and what needs to change during the difference phases of the menstrual cycle.
  • The importance of confidence and why Stacey thinks so many young people these days lack it.

How parenting a four-year-old influences Stacy thinking.

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