When it comes to pursuing excellence, moving from where we are now to a place that is more effective, how we behave is what matters.


Because growth, whether of ourselves or the team, takes place through action.

Doing so requires asking questions, trying new things, asking for feedback, and most importantly, taking the risks that matter.

But taking action is scary.

Too often, the fear of getting it wrong, making mistakes and looking inadequate amongst our team takes over, and we pull on the handbrake. Nothing happens.

It turns out that for action to occur, and the growth we seek to prevail, the most important thing is that we feel safe in our environment.

So, how can you build psychological safety?

  1. Frame your work as a learning problem, not an execution problem;
  2. Acknowledge your own fallibility; and
  3. Model curiosity.

To find out more, watch Amy Edmondson talk about it here (11 minutes).