EP 18 – John O’Sullivan


Three and a half years ago my guest on today’s show wrote an article online called “More important than talent”. It struck a chord, inspiring a community of adults looking for a different way to coach and raise their kids.

His name is John O’Sullivan and he’s the founder of Changing the Game Project, and organisation dedicated to shifting the paradigm of youth sports to a more positive, child-centred experience.

John O'SullivanThe Changing the Game Project provides online educational resources and opportunities across North America for schools, youth sports organisations, and governing bodies. Their goal is to help communities coach and lead the right way, to help organisations to build a culture of excellence that allows talent to shine, and to help parents walk the line between positive encouragement and overbearing behaviour. This is all done so that kids have the best chance of chasing down their own dreams.

Show Highlights

  • What John learnt from epic table tennis battles with his younger brother in their basement
  • John’s career in soccer and why it ended short of reaching his dreams
  • What John’s learnt from 20 years of experience coaching across all levels of soccer, including what it really takes to play at the highest level
  • What John think is ‘more important that talent”
  • The importance to developing ‘gritty’ athletes, including some great advice from John to make it happen

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