EP 25 – Mark Upton


My guest on the show today believes that learning is complex, and that to be your best, you need to explore, protect and embrace such complexity. His name is Mark Upton (@uppy01), and he’s been playing, studying and coaching sport, and sports people, all of his life.

Mark started his coaching journey with young tennis and Aussie rules football players, while at the same time pursuing a sport science degree at the University of South Australia. He later served 12 years at the Adelaide Football Club in a role that blended both coaching and science.

Now, Mark describes himself as a learning dynamicist. He’s based in the UK where he works as a Coaching Science Manager with Olympic level coaches and athletes to help their learning and development. He also co-created myfastestmile.com, a social enterprise that provides performance systems consultancy to performers, coaches and organisations to help people be their best through sport.

We cover a lot on the show today including Mark’s transformational coaching journey, why he believes that the “edge of chaos” is the best place to be for effective learning, and how being a dad to an avid young footballer has taught him more about learning than the preceding 10 years in professional sport. 

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