EP 35 – Nicolas Gill, Ph.D. – Coaching the All Blacks, Quality Nutrition, and the Importance of Loving What You Do


“It’s not about how sore you become, or about how hard you’ve pushed yourself into a hole, it’s about the value you’ve added to enable yourself to be a better athlete tomorrow” – Nic Gill

My guest on the show today is Nic Gill (@nigill_health_and_performance). He is the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the All Blacks (@AllBlacks), a position he’s held since 2008. With two world cups under his belt, he’s been described as one of the ‘unsung heroes of our national rugby side.”

Nic earnt his PhD in 2001 from Southern Cross University in Australia, and is now Associate Professor at the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand (@SPRINZ_AUT) where he supervises numerous postgraduate students in the field of Athletic Performance.

Nic is also a passionate triathlete and holds a personal best time of 9 hours and 38 minutes in the Ironman, which he set at the age of 41.

We cover a lot in this conversation, including:

  • Nic’s nomadic childhood growing up in West Auckland
  • The most important thing Nic learnt from his parents
  • Early specialisation
  • Why ‘loving the game’ is critical
  • What is really takes to become, and remain, an All Black
  • Sleep
  • Why nutrition is so important in the training process
  • What to focus on to improve faster
  • Quality relationships
  • Being a dad to two teenage girls

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