EP 47 – Warrick Wood – Self-Determinations Theory and the Winter Olympic Games


“It’s not about winning, it’s about pursuing something, it’s about working hard and mastering your craft.”


My guest on the show is Warrick Wood (@warrickwood). Warrick is a Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at Massey University in Auckland, in New Zealand, where he has been for nearly 5 years. Warrick completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Canterbury, pursued post-graduate study at Indiana State University, and is currently working towards his PhD.

Alongside his academic post, Warrick helps athletes and teams at both the developmental and elite level with the mental side of their sport. He also has an extensive coaching background, largely in basketball, and is a regular contributor to Psychology Today with a blog that explores the psychological elements of the coach-athlete relationship.

We talk about all sorts in this episode, including Warrick’s anxious childhood, the importance of self-determined behaviour and how to foster it, dealing with failure, the importance of defining success, being a dad, and much more.

A few other topics Warrick and I discuss:

  • Taking risk
  • Deliberate practice
  • Street games
  • Goal setting
  • Learning through adversity
  • Discovering self-identify
  • Building confidence
  • Parenting
  • Coach-athlete relationships

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