EP 58 – Dr Harry Bowles – Do I Really Want To Play Professional Cricket?


My guest on the show today is Dr Harry Bowles (@HBowles124), a lecturer in Physical Education at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Wales. Harry is a versatile scholar with a broad range of teaching and research interests, including identity, transition in  sport and over the life-course, and sport and exercise culture.

The past 8 years of Harry’s life have been tired researching and writing his first book: “Days in the Dirt” University Cricket and Emerging Adulthood. It’s a fascinating read about the lives of a group of male, university-based academy cricketers transitioning into (and away from) professional sport. In the book, Harry illustrates the tension the player’s faced between aspiration and reality as they decided whether playing cricket an a high level was right for them.

In our conversation, I chat to Harry about his sporting childhood and significant influences along the way, his journey into academia, and of course, his fantastic book.

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