EP 59 – Simon Brundish – Move Like a Superhero


ADS 059: Simon Brundish – Move Like a Superhero   

My guest on the show today is Simon Brundish (@SimonBrundish). Simon is the founder of StrengthLab Superheroes, an interactive curriculum for fundamental movement skill  development that reaches over 50K primary aged kids across the world.

Simon’s background in strength and conditioning, working mainly with football from junior to elites levels across the UK, and in 2018 he was awarded the UK Strength and Conditioning Association Youth Coach of the Year.  

In this conversation, I chat to Simon about what he believes is a pandemic of inactivity and the video game craze that’s causing it, his unsettled childhood and how it was polar opposite to the current experiences of his own kids, all about his Superheroes movement programme, and much more.

Other highlights from Simon include:

  • Why kids need to feel fear
  • The key to athlete buy in
  • The confusion with physical literacy
  • The significance of language in developing movement skill
  • The value of peer review
  • Why fundamental movement skills are so important
  • How we can get more kids active and why parents play a crucial part

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