EP 64 – Jo Kember – Developing Movement Skill in Primary School Education


Today on the show I’m joined by Jo Kember, the Leader of Learning at Whangaparaoa School, on the peninsula 30 minutes north of Auckland. Jo coordinates the curriculum, mangers learning and develops collaborative practice amongst staff at her school. Prior to this, Jo Spent time teaching in Kindergartens in Hong Kong and Korea, as well as five years as a primary school teacher at The American School in London. I came to know Jo after a PhD student I supervise began investigating movement skill within her school.

It this episode, Jo discusses growing up having no idea what she wanted to do, how she got into teaching and her journey so far, the pedagogical approach she believes in right now, and how she is executing it. Jo also shares how she thinks about professional development, an exciting new project she is leading at the school this year, as well as her new found appreciation for movement education and the value is can bring to the primary school environment.

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