EP 68 – Nick Levett– Becoming a More Aware Youth Coach


“As coaches, what we do is create environments that draw people’s attention to the things they need to consider, that will help them be better.”

In this episode, Nick Levett, coach developer, blogger and critical thinker, walks us through how he works with coaches to deliver better outcomes for youth athletes. Additionally, he talks about what the latest evidence says about talent and how to identify it.

Nick is currently the Head of Talent and Performance at UK Coaching where he works across multiple sports. Prior to this, he spend eight years at the Football Association as Talent Identification Manager.

Nick has the Level 4 FA Advanced Youth Award, a Master’s Degree in Education and Creativity, and coached for six years at the Fulham FC Academy.

We discuss:

  • The 5 critical areas of coaching that need to be appreciated and understood to have a meaningful impact;
  • Becoming a more aware practitioner and how Nick supports this change;
  • How Nick’s childhood experiences influenced his decision to help kids as a career;
  • Nick’s first coaching job and the effect it had on his behaviours;
  • How critical thinkers are made;
  • How to influence change with coaches stuck in their old ways;
  • The importance of psychological safety and how to build it with your athletes;
  • Why aligning what an organisation’s people believe with its mission and values is critical to successful outcomes;
  • The challenge of high-performance sport, winning at all costs, and the mental health of your athletes;
  • The complexity of learning, how Nick currently understands it, and how his view has evolved over time;
  • The key skills that accelerate an athlete’s learning;
  • The relationship between golf and snooker and what it’s taught us about talent identification;
  • Why psychological skill development is at the heart of developing better young people;
  • How Nick develops confidence, and;
  • More

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