EP 69 – Amanda Stanec – Finding Joy in Physical Activity & Sport


“Movement is truly the vehicle to teach the principles, to engage with others in joyful ways, to then problem solve and transfer that to make communities stronger.”

In this episode, Dr Amanda Stanec, writer, physical educator, and advocate for social justice, talks us through the inspiring work she is doing to promote physical literacy and positive youth development within the US and around the world. `

Amanda has served on the Board of Directors for Physical and Health Education (PHE) Canada and is well-respected for her contributions as Lead Writer for provincial wide physical education curriculum, university kinesiology and teacher education courses. She is also actively involved in a number of youth sport leadership and positive youth development programs.

Amanda has a Master of Science, specialising in Physical Education and Sport Psychology, and a PhD in Kinesiology.

We discuss:

  • The great Jackie-Joyner Kersee, her Winning in Life Programme, and how it’s changing young people lives.
  • Why representation matters so much for youth
  • Assessment, and how Amanda integrates it into the P.E. curriculum she writes
  • The demise of fun in youth sport
  • Amanda’s approach to parenting and how she cultivates a love for movement
  • What Amanda has learnt from the inspirational Derrick Stephens, president and CEO of Underdog Dreams
  • How to help young people develop emotional control
  • Why social justice matters so much to Amanda and how she’s getting behind it

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