EP 76- Peter Verdin – Movement Engineering


“Relationships are the biggest thing for me. Building relationships and rapport with students is going to create a much more joyful experience for them than probably anything else I can do in my class.”

On the show today, I chat with P.E. teacher and PhD student, Peter Verdin. Peter is currently employed as a ‘movement engineer’ at Future Public School in Idaho, in the US, where he is reimagining what P.E. can look like for kids and building a curriculum from scratch. Prior to this, Peter worked for Athlos Academy, designing their athletic curriculum and as a strength and conditioning coach in sport.

In this conversation, Peter and I discuss the emergence of skill using the constraints-led approach, where joy comes from in movement and physical activity, how the worlds of strength and conditioning and education can benefit from working more closely together, why Peter turned his back on a pro career playing baseball, and much more.

Please say hi to Peter on Twitter @CoachVerdin, and enjoy the show.

We also discuss:

  • Peter’s new role as a ‘movement engineer’ at Future Public School, Garden City, Idaho
  • The difference between fundamental movement skills and fundamental sports skills
  • The importance of movement diversity
  • Peter’s sporty childhood
  • Play, and how Peter uses it in the classroom and with his young daughter
  • Peter’s experience playing baseball at Georgia University and how it burnt him out
  • The importance of communication skills in effective coaching
  • Why Peter thinks teacher education is the catalyst for positive change
  • Peter’s PhD study and attentional focus
  • The problem with Twitter and why video chat is a much better way to learn
  • Growth mindset
  • The hardest thing Peter has faced in life and how he dealt with it
  • Why we should all get outside more.

Books and resources mentioned on the show

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