Ep 78- Sophie Devine – Passion, purpose and playing cricket for New Zealand


“If you focus on what’s important to you and your standards, then that’s really the only thing that should matter… finding your own path and how you do it, I think is just so important.”

On the show today I chat with international cricketer, Sophie Devine. Sophie made her first class debut for Wellington at just 14 years of age, going on to play for New Zealand three years later. She has since played over 84 ODIs and 60 T20 games, and in March 2019 was named as the ANZ International Women’s T20 Player of the Year.

Sophie attended Rangi Ruru Girls’ School in Christchurch for her final year of college and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Sociology from the University of Canterbury. She has also played hockey for her country.

In this episode, Sophie and I discuss success and why it’s so important to find your own way, the importance of going back to basics for continual development, what fun means to Sophie, advice for young female athletes of today, the importance of communication for busy youth athletes and much more.

Please say hi to Sophie on Twitter @sophdevine77 and enjoy the show.

We also discuss:

  • The “Devine Oval” in Sophie’s front yard growing up;
  • Where Sophie’s love for cricket came from;
  • Sophie’s dad, his knowledge for the game, and the huge impact he had on her development;
  • How playing hockey growing up helped Sophie’s cricket game;
  • Playing with and against boys and what Sophie learned from it ;
  • How Sophie deals with pressure and struggle;
  • School and getting her university degree;
  • The influence Sophie’s mum had on her schedule growing up;
  • Sophie’s diagnosis with diabetes, managing her sugar levels, and how it has made her a better athlete;
  • How women’s cricket has blossomed over the past decade and the opportunities it has opened up for young players; and
  • How Sophie thinks about transitioning out of sport.

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