EP 9 – Jon Oliver and Rhodri Lloyd: The importance of motor skill, resistance training and measuring growth rate


On today’s show I’m joined Jon Oliver and Rhodri Lloyd, a couple of world leaders in paediatric sport science and youth strength and conditioning.

Together, they’ve published some of the most impactful research in the area, including a great framework for developing the athleticism of all children – the Youth Physical Development Model.

They also co-founded the Cardiff Met Youth Physical Development Centre where they apply their research with youth athletes across many different sports every day.

On this episode you’re hear about:

  • Jon and Rhodri’s sporting youth and their journey into Academia.
  • The adolescent growth spurt and its effects of the developing athlete
  • How you can easily measure growth rate and why it’s so important to track over time.
  • The important of motor skill and how to spot a good ‘mover’ from a poor one.
  • Why every kid should be doing resistance training from an early age.
  • How to keep your physical development work fun, and ensure your programmes are actually making a difference.

Thank you so much for listening, and I hope you find it useful.